Thursday, March 5, 2009

If you're surviving, please live with courage~!

Months ago, newspaper had given big coverage to Sze Chuan Province's earth quake.
It's sad to learnt that there were many victims in this incident.

However, it really caught my attention when I read the following news:-The rescue team has found a female body with both leg squatting down, extending both hand to support the body weight from the floor.

But what really catch my attention is that rescue team has found a 3 months old baby under the body.
Thanks to the protection by her mother's body, this baby was found in healthy condition.

Doctor has found a handphone with this baby with the message:-"My dear baby, if you can survive, please leave your life with courage, I love you forever~!"
Most of the rescue team members drop their tears after reading this message...

My dear friends,Our life is unpredicted, which is why our life is precious.
But have you and I live our life with courage?

For those who are looking to commit suicide, who are smoking and drinking excessively to shorten your life, why do you want to waste your precious life?
Do you know that others is struggling hard to survive, but in the end still can't escape from death?

I just don't get the point that, while someone is struggling hard to survive, some can just simply choose to end their life, just because they have no courage to quit smoking / alcohol.

Besides, do we really treasure our precious life? Have we live our life to the fullest?

Have you ever think, if you were lying there to wait for the final moment of your life to reach you, will you regret for not living your life to the fullest?
If you do, why not live your life to the fullest now? Why wait?

Furthermore, have you and I express our sincere thanks and love to our parents,who is willing to sacrify their life for you to survive?

Appreciate in time, protect your health before it's too late...


  1. I have always appreciated what my parents have given me : LOVE! This is a precious gift which helps me appreciate others more.

  2. I have always appreciated what my parents have given me: LOVE! This precious gift has helped me to appreciate others more.

  3. Yes, we should appreciate our previous life...

  4. Joyful Mum, if there were more people think like you, learning how to appreciate our parents love, I believe the number of old people in old folks home will reduce. This society will be warmer.

    Neo, you're right.