Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Have you decided to improve your health???

I believe many peoples might have set up their goals for their business, career, etc. in this new ox year. But how about a goals for health?

Have you set a goal for your health in this new year?
e.g. "I want to get rid of my asthma this year..." or "I want to quit smoking / alcohol this year"

If you have set your goals for health, then congratulations! Or else, you might consider of setting up your goal now.

When you set your goal for health, please get yourself ready for some challenges.
1. What motivates you to change?
Why do you want to change? What's the reason behind your decision to change? If you have no reasons but simply want to change, you'd better don't promise anything. However, if you are realistic and accept the responsibility of discipline required for change, your motivation will be sustained long after the discomfort from over-indulgence has passed.

2. Set realistic goals
Be realistic, set achievable goals. Remember: habits and behaviors that are changed gradually might have a greater chance of success.

3. Focus on behavioral change more than on the goal
If you decided to quit smoking, your goal of the day should not be cutting specific numbers of cigarettes, but stick to your plan / program. Such act will makes you feel control in your life. You'll gain satisfaction by making sensible decision throughout the day.

4. Learn to re-defined physical sensations of discomfort
For example, when you stop smoking all out of a sudden, both, your physical and mental will feel discomfort. You have to tell yourself, "this is a sense of making right decision, having healthy lifestyle" instead of suffering from the discomfort.

5. Allow imperfection
When you're a bit out of your program, do not give up, allow imperfection, remind yourself on your motivation to change and continue to stick to your program.

6. Do it NOW~!
Why wait? Waiting a second longer is a waste of time, so why not do it NOW?


  1. Very good motivation indeed... especially point #03. (It's hard to 'stop' burning money for a 'wealthy' guy like me)...

    Thanks for visiting caturist.

  2. Caturist, Thanks for the compliments. haha... I agree it's hard for smoker to stop 'burning' their money away. You need a strong motivation / reason to do so.