Wednesday, May 27, 2009

端午节 Dumpling Festival

Just eat a dumpling this morning, like the taste of it!
Today is the dumpling festival for chinese, it's among the 3000 years of chinese rich cultural history.

为什么会有端午节呢?端午节的由来是什么,你知道吗?Do you know why do we have dumpling festival?

Rumours said that dumpling festival starts from the day of the famous minister called 'chu yuan' commit suicide by jumping into a river. However, in the real case dumpling festival actually does exist even before this suicidal incident. It actually begins by people praying to the 'god of river' for peace and rich agricultural collection. They believed that water flooding the padi field is actually a sign of anger by 'god of river', hence they choose this day to pray the river god, so there will be no flood, and as a result they can get richer plantation collection!

忠臣屈原于五月初五, 因为被奸人所害而自投汨罗江,死后为蛟龙所困,世人哀之,每于此日投五色丝粽子于水中,以驱蛟龙。屈原投汨罗江后,当地百姓闻讯马上划船捞救,一直行至洞庭湖,终不见屈原的尸体。人们争相划进茫茫的洞庭湖。为了寄托哀思,人们荡舟江河之上,此后才逐渐发展成为龙舟竞赛。‘看来,端午节吃粽子、赛龙舟与纪念屈原相关,有唐代文秀《端午》诗为证:
'chu yuan' the famous chinese minister commit suicide by jumping into into a river on this day too. Many believed that he commit suicide because he was betray by the cunning minister. The people believed that 'chu yuan' was trapped by the water dragon, hence they wrap rice, meat, etc. with leaves and dumb them into the river, by hope that the water dragon will eat their offering item and release 'chu yuan.' Besides, they also try to find the body of 'chu yuan' by rowing boat across the river. Hence, today we eat rice dumpling and row dragon boat during this dumpling festival!

是的,端午节其实是我们华人传统文化的一部分,你对端午节又有什么见解呢?我们要保护我们的文化,因为文化是人类文明的见证,你认同吗? 端午节也告诉我们,只要我们为人忠直,热爱人民,即使有朝一日我们受人所害,世人也不会将我们忘掉,对吗? 今年的端午节,你吃粽子了吗?
Dumpling festival is actually a part of our chinese cultural history, how do you understand about this festival? We need to protect our cultural, as it's the witness of modernization, do you agree with that? Besides, dumpling festival also remind us that so long as we remain integrity and passionately loved our people, we'll never be forgotten, am I right? Have you ate any dumpling today?


  1. You're right, we should preserve our rich cultural history.


  2. I'm also proud of our 3000 years of cultural history! Thanks for sharing dumpling festival with us.

  3. 呵呵,我已吃了,而且很早就吃了!:p



  4. 祝大家: 端午节快乐!

  5. Not yet lah.. been thinking where to buy dumpling with yam, or with salted eggs 1.. umm! yum yum!

  6. 其实我上星期已经开始吃了.


  7. 无数代表快乐的糯米,里面藏着代表甜蜜的枣馅,我用欢乐的粽子叶把这一切紧紧包在一起,系上幸福的红丝带,捎去我美好的祝福,端午节快乐。

  8. 花木兰,端午节快乐!


    Joanna Tang, Wow seems delicous leh dumpling with yam... never try before

    CurryNi, 哇!真的很好命叻,上星期就开始吃了!

    Kate, 祝你端午节快乐!

  9. This day used to be called Dragon Boat Festival. Why rename it to Dumpling Festival???