Saturday, May 23, 2009

Detail explanation on GPS 讲解卫星导航系统

There were a lot of enquiry interested to know more about the GPS system. 今天收到很多关于GPS系统的询问。
GPS, also known as Global Positioning System, is a system that will assist the driver by making use of the satellite to guide them to reach their destination without difficulties .
GPS is a small device with 3-5" touch screen monitor (depends on the model of GPS you buy) that will stick to your car front mirror easily, and plug the adaptor into the cigarettes burner slot. Once you switch it on, it will search for satellites, once a connection was set up, it will show your current position, you can set your destination address, it will then calculate the route and guide you throughout your journey on which road to take, where to turn, etc. GPS 是一个小型的器具,有着3-5寸的触摸式荧幕(荧幕的大小视不同的型号而定)你可以将它黏在玻璃镜上,并插入香烟点燃座,当你开启它后,它就会自动找寻与卫星连接,当连接成功建立后,它就会显示你现在所在的位置,你可以输入你要到目的地的地址,然后它将自动寻找最快捷的道路前往该目的地,它将完善的告诉你要走哪一条道路,然后转那个方向,等等。
One of the famous GPS system is GARMIN, the cheapest model in Malaysia so far cost about RM800+/-, you can get it either from ebay, lelong or from most of specialty shop the sell PDA phone. 其中相当著名的品牌是Garmin,在马来西亚最便宜的型号大约需要RM800左右,能从Ebay,lelong等网站购得,或者去掌心电脑专卖店查询!


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