Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's stop alcohol and drugs~! go drugs rehabilitation~!

We should avoid drinking large amount of alcohol, this will hurt our liver.

When I say large amount of alcohol, it either means you're drinking a lot of low alcohol content liquor (e.g. beer, wine, etc) within short period of time or you're drinking a bottle of high alcohol contents liquor (e.g. Whisky, Martell, Rice Wine, Sake etc).

Among the low content liquor, we generally see Beer and Wine. While drinking beer occasionally may not create severe hurt to your liver, but it does create other side effects such as snoring, big stomach belly, etc.

Consuming large amount of alcohol may lead to serious health problems as the liver becomes inflamed. The symptoms of your liever being hurt by alcohol may include:- impotency in men, fatigue, no appetite, achey muscles, jaundice, vomiting of blood. Besides, it also bring a lot of side effects to hurt your health such as but not limited to:- diabetes and cancer.

Why? Some may ask. It's because alcohol depletes your body of the nutrients. The alcohol you consume may remains in your bloodstream. In some severe cases alcohol can affect the memory and lead to brain damage.

So why wait? Stop consuming excessive alcohol! If you're encountering difficulties in doing that, there are many great programs out there helping the alcohol lover to stay away from alcohol~!


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