Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 types of liquid, 5 stages of life

Recently, just found a very interesting articles and photos: 5 type of liquid, 5 stages of life.

Firstly, when we come to this world, we consume MILK liquid. This were the source of protein and nutrient. We depends on the nutrient of the milk (either from mother or cow) to grow bigger and stronger.

Then, as we grow bigger, as we attended primary school, we start to drink MILO or other healthy cereal drink. MILO or healthy cereal drink gives us the nutrient we need to stay active and healthy all day long.

As we step in secondary school to college life, we start to stop MILO or other healthy cereal drink, and we drink CARBONATED SOFT DRINK instead. We join with friends together and drink soft drink for fun. Whenever we go for fast food restaurant, we drink soft drink. We get fun and joy by drinking carbonated soft drink.

Upon completing of study, we start to work, start to make friends from works. We start to drink BEER OR OTHER ALCOHOLIC DRINKS after work or during weekends to show that we're already in our adulthood. When we woo girls / boys in pub, we drink alcoholic drinks. We get a sense of adulthood by drinking alcohol.

Soon after too much consuming of alcohol, our hair drops, we gain a big beer belly stomach. As we enter 40s in our life, our body tolerance level has drops, we fall sick. We went into hospital and we were drip with SODIUM CHLORIDE. The liquid that supply energy to our life to sustain our life.

Notice, when we were babies, we depend on milk to get nutrient to our body, when we were small, we depend on healthy cereal drink to get energy. Then, as we grew older and wiser in our youth, we consume carbonated soft drink that is not so friendly to our health but yet it doesn't really bring drastic effect to spoilt our health. As we grew wiser again in our early adulthood, we consume alcohol to spoilt our health. As we lost our wiseness and gew older, we were admitted to hospital and take sodium chloride to sustain our life.

We only consume the liquid that is friendly to our health when we were small. But we consume liquid that damages our health when we were adult. We then, consume another liquid to rescue the damages that we have done to our health when we were old. This is a cycle, do you want to be in this alcoholic cycle loop? or perhaps you should stop damaging your health by alcohol so that you don't have to take sodium chloride when you're old?

Dare to be the different you want to see in life~!

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  1. very nice articles, using 5 type of liquids to discuss on 5 stages of life.