Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cyber attack to Malaysiakini & Sarawak Report

SarawakReport.org has received cyber attack on 11th April that destroy the site.
Malaysiakini.com, malaysiakini.com/cn and malaysiakini.com/bm was also attacked on 12th April.

Coincidentally, there were just few days down before the Sarawak State Election.
Is this attack done for the purpose to defend the power that they have hold for more than 30 years?

If the above answer is yes, then I think this is a stupid and silly things to do. They must have spend a lot of money to do it. But, just as soon as the site was down, another mirror site was up! http://www1.sarawakreport.org/ & http://malaysiakinicom.blogspot.com/ & http://malaysiakinicn.blogspot.com/ & http://malaysiakinibm.blogspot.com/

I think they must learn to accept the fact that, internet is beyond control, there is no way you can control internet information!

Go Go, Sarawak 4 Change!

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